Merson’s at it again…

Merson can’t get enough of Sherwood – “…a really good lad. A winner”. And, yet again, he can’t bring himself to predict a Spurs win – quelle surprise.

“There will be bundles of goals here. Villa love it when teams have a go at them and Spurs will do just that. When teams sit back against Villa, they don’t like it. Tim Sherwood has looked at it and thought ‘we aren’t going to keep too many clean sheets, so we’ll have to score our way out of trouble.’ I played with Tim at Portsmouth and he’s a really good lad. A winner. He reminds me of John Gregory as he gets really involved on the touchline.”

Merson predicts: 2-2 draw

He “really gets involved on the touchline” is one way of putting it. Here’s a picture of him celebrating a throw in on Tuesday night.


Again. We cannot, must not, lose this game.


One comment

  1. Acton_Spur · April 12, 2015

    I’ll be happy to take the first ever reply on your Blog on the day of my 40th birthday. I know you were at the game last by night, sorry I couldn’t make it and obviously a disappointing loss despite a first start for our US International right-back. At least the NDP is back back on track. Onwards and upwards as they say…


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