The arrogant owl-faced one returns

Anxious Spurs fans will be relieved to know that Tim Sherwood holds no hard feelings.

Ahead of the match that no Spurs fan can bear the thought of us losing, Tim has done his usual bit of talking himself up – conscious not to let facts get in the way of a good yarn.

“Daniel didn’t want the divorce, he wanted me to stay in some sort of capacity. But I’m a manager now.”

Timmy’s certainly read the managerial playbook, but then he was around Redknapp for long enough to pick up the moves.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the bloke and he gives off the impression of a guy who can’t bear to share the limelight.

Villa’s game against QPR on Tuesday night, for example, was unbearable – every time Villa had a shot he was bouncing around, all histrionics and running into the crowd.

When Villa scored he could be seen pulling the move again, dancing towards the same spot in the front row so the cameras could pick up just how popular he is – how much everyone loves Tim.

He did that three times, even throwing in his trademark ‘toss the gilet’ move.

throw the gilet

Now in the days before returning to his ‘spiritual home’ (boll*cks) he’s talking himself up again – proud of his record at Spurs, patronising Poch for having the sense to persevere with HIS strategy of blooding young players… banging on about the win ratio… Do one!

I lost my rag with Sherwood when he claimed to have scouted Eriksen several years before, playing for Denmark at Wembley.

“I saw Eriksen play at Wembley when he was 17 & told Levy to sign him straight away” he said, without considering for a second that anyone with access to the internet could quickly see that his first game at Wembley was this season. (HERE)

Conscious that this is turning into a rant, I’ll just add this – the thought of losing to Villa tomorrow is as appealing as a mauling by Arsenal right now.

It’s rarely a game I’d get too excited about but I just can’t bear the smug look on his face or the flurry of sycophantic columns in all the newspapers on Sunday if he wins.

A 6-pointer – let’s stick one on his win ratio.


We’ve slipped into end of season territory after last week’s horrorshow, but given the added stakes it’s got to be as close to full strength a side as possible.

Sadly, various sites suggesting Lloris won’t recover in time, but then Walker looks a doubt so it’s swings and roundabouts really. I’d switch Dier to the right and bring back Fazio to deal with Benteke (him having remembered how to play football on Tuesday).

Elsewhere, give Chadli a rest and bring in Lamela, who looked lively and keen last week – even if his end product was pretty average.

And burn that f*cking gilet.

Spurs to win 3-1, Eriksen to score first is 40-1 with Paddy Power. I’ve got the shining so chuck the lot at it.


One comment

  1. James1987 · April 10, 2015

    Tim Sherwood is a twat. But I can see us losing tomorrow sadly. COYS!


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