You’re not Spurs fans, you’re vultures

If you’re not feeling too flush today then I’d imagine that, like me, you shelled out serious cash for tickets yesterday. Perhaps you were one of many who were shafted by fellow ‘fans’ on StubHub?

I was lucky. Two tickets in the East Lower for just a couple of quid over face value, though I did see a pair just one block along from me for £400..!

Anyone who would try to scam 4 x face value for their tickets should be barred from holding a membership in my eyes. You’re not a fan, you’re a vulture.


But if you are gonna chance your arm, at least know your market – this wasn’t a cup final, Brazil 1970, or the Harlem bloody Globetrotters… It was Villa, a match made only moderately more interesting for the return of Timmy.

£200 each!?

StubHub is supposed to be the club’s answer to ticket touting but in reality it has merely taken it off the high road, lowered the overheads, and created a diamond-encrusted home for it on the Internet.

Any idiot could have foreseen the consequence of applying the eBay business model to selling matchday tickets: people will try to make money out of it.

What concerns me most is the surfeit of large blocks or groupings of tickets which were available for yesterday’s game for the princely sum of £100 each.

For a whole area of the stadium to be available in that way can only realistically mean one of two things – touts are still hoovering up available tickets on general sale or, more concerning, that the club itself is selling via StubHub at inflated rates.

More than likely it’s the former, which makes a mockery of the club’s efforts to stamp out touting.

Whilst the thought of either makes me rage, I can’t even find words to describe my views on the so-called fans who use StubHub to fleece people for a profit.


*UPDATE: The club has been approached for a comment. I will follow-up in due course. (Monday 13th – 12.30pm)


  1. tonguestooshorttofelchwithgod · April 12, 2015

    Don’t worry. If we continue to play as we have recently, tickets on stubhub will be half price when we move into a 60K seat stadium

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  2. tonguestooshorttofelchwithgod · April 12, 2015

    No worries, If we continue to play as we have recently, tickets on stubhub will be half price when we move into a 60K seat stadium.


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  4. Paul · April 13, 2015

    StubHub has it’s place if people cannot attend games, but it’s not on flogging tickets at a vastly inflated rate. All you’re doing is depriving people of the chance to support their team. It’s expensive enough as it is


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