Sol Campbell..? Really?

Here’s a guest piece by friend of the N17Express, Jo Munroe…

Sol Campbell has been unearthed as the Conservatives’ secret weapon in the General Election. Never mind your political leanings, or mine for that matter, does anyone really think that he is a vote winner anywhere within walking distance of White Hart Lane?

For every Arsenal fan who loves the ******* there is at least one Spurs fan who can find words to describe him that no rational human being would use – polite company or otherwise.

The problem with politicians is that most of them don’t have a tangible grip on popular culture.

I mean they can see the zeitgeist – but only once it’s passed them by.

The opportunity to get a celebrity on board is too good to resist. So much so that they can’t see the pitfalls of pinning their ‘brand’ to someone like Sol; someone who divides the population like no one else – at least here in London.

The benefits of having an ex-footballer on board are obvious. But the pitfalls of picking someone so toxic should be just as clear. I mean, why not go the whole hog and get John Terry involved? He wears blue, it’s a natural fit…

There are tonnes of politicians who do genuinely love football, I’m sure. But the decision to fast-track Campbell wasn’t taken by one of them.

I don’t know Nick de Bois, I live in Chiswick, but I hear he’s a great MP. And if the people of Enfield want to see him remain so after May 7th then that’s great too… But who thought having Sol Campbell turn up on the doorstep in Enfield would help that?

There’s even talk that he’s being groomed to become an MP himself, or even Mayor of London. Hmm.

I’m sure none of you reading now will ever forget this:

Being a Spurs fan as a boy and a player for so many years, it would be hard to sign for Arsenal. I don’t think the fans here would ever forgive me.”

A statement of such sincerity it was soon followed by this:

I always dreamed of winning the league at White Hart Lane. So I left and joined Arsenal.

You can picture his post-election acceptance speech… And the furore days later when he crosses the floor to Labour because he feels his prospects of re-election would be better served by changing sides.

Loyalty? Perhaps it’s unrealistic or over-rated but I for one will never forget. Nor would I vote for him, whatever he promised – whoever he stood for.

For comedy value, here’s an email that was recently sent around to motivate young activists. The fact that he signed it off as ‘former England captain, Sol Campbell’ is ironic in itself.


The campaign to get Ledley King to run against him starts here…


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