Could this be the best Tottenham shirt of all time?

For some reason Spurs are always one of the last to drop the new kit into the shops, which inevitably means endless ‘leaked’ photos of moody shirts knocked out by Thai sweatshops.

Frankly, I’m too old to care what the new shirt looks like and I get little or no satisfaction out of the pointless speculation either.

If you’re over thirty you’ve no business wearing nylon anyway, unless you go retro of course.

If, like me, the thought of splashing your hard earned on a brand new shirt every year makes you die a little inside there is, therefore, another way…

Forgive me for turning this otherwise serious site into a fashion blog, but I’m not ashamed. There’s nothing like a vintage shirt to conjure up images of the glory days – before FFP, before StubHub and before we all got old.

Which leads me rather neatly to the point. Just what is the best Spurs shirt of all time?

You can have your say below, but here’s my top 5.

5: 1981 home shirt (Le Coq Sportif)


If you like your nylon shiny and your shirt from a bygone era you can’t go wrong with this classic.

Worn with distinction by the likes of Ardiles and Villa (pictured below) in our famous cup run, this little number will set you back around £150 for an original. There are some decent repros on EBay – but remember, the Le Coq logo makes it. Don’t waste your money on one that just carries the Spurs logo.

And if you’re buying an original, size up.

4: 2010/11 home shirt (Puma)


A bit of a cheat including this, given that it’s only a few years old. But the detailing is based heavily on the much-loved 1985-7 shirt (more on that later).

Who wouldn’t want to recall the wonder of our Champions League run, the site of Bale in full flight and Maicon on his arse?

Relatively easy to pick up this one online.

3: 1991-1993 home shirt (Umbro)


Our last meaningful trophy. Gazza’s over exuberance and Des Walker’s own goal. Also one of the last shirts to feature the much loved Holsten sponsor mark.

This beautiful timepiece is the only one in my list to feature a proper collar and it’s possibly the best kit of the 90s. End of.

Buyer beware though… The material bobbled terribly and the felt sponsors logo faded too. Invest an extra tenner and you can pick one up near-mint for around £50. And it will only increase in value.

2: 1985-1987 home shirt (Hummel)


Controversially perhaps, this legendary shirt doesn’t make top spot. Notoriously difficult to find an original which hasn’t faded, as the design was printed into the fabric.

The chevrons make it, and the chest detailing was well ahead of its time. Expect to pay over £100 for an original, but there are some excellent reproductions on eBay for £20. I don’t know how the guy is doing it but they’re close to perfect.

Tip: wear with the original shorts for the authentic 80s look.

1: 1985-1987 away shirt (Hummel)


For me the standout Spurs kit of all time and the only away shirt to feature.

Almost identical to the home shirt, but the details are striking against the baby blue backdrop and the fit is perfect. I’ve never seen another fan wearing this at the lane.

Think Clive Allen, Nico Claesen and John Chiedozie.

Have your say below…



One comment

  1. Acton_Spur · May 6, 2015

    Gotta be the Number 1 all day long, hands down. PS: I’ve won one down the Lane in the last couple of years, so I suspect you’re not the only one. Keep up the good work VS !!

    Liked by 1 person

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