Sport is about entertainment as much as winning…

This whole Kevin Pietersen saga playing out in the media once again today is yet another media circus the ECB doesn’t need, but it does have some parallels with the rumoured dressing room fallout at Spurs earlier this season.

Neither Kaboul or Adebayor have anywhere near the impact KP has in a sporting sense. But to this day we’ve hardly had sight nor sound of Kaboul, and it has taken Adebayor the best part of six months to force himself back on to the bench – despite the pair having been made captain and vice by Pochettino.

There will be Spurs fans who’d be happy if neither ever pull on the shirt again, and I have some sympathy with that view. But it’s worth posing the question – would our supporters be booing Adebayor when he came on to the pitch if he was still banging in the goals..?
Sport is about entertainment as much as winning and the best players are always forgiven the most. Gazza’s histrionics and often moronic behaviour was tolerated because his ability with the ball brought so much joy – I’m sure the joke would wear out quickly coming from a more functional player of the likes of Ryan Mason or Eric Dier. Harsh perhaps, but a truism nonetheless.
Like Gazza, KP is a sporting exception and players of that class need to be treated differently. His innings of 326* yesterday was the equivalent of Adebayor coming back into the squad for the Hull game on Saturday and scoring seven or eight goals. (He won’t, don’t worry.)

Clearly this is a football blog, but sporting class wherever it manifests itself should be applauded.
The ECB has got this completely wrong, in much the same way that Daniel Levy has with StubHub and the none too secret MK move. You can’t milk a cash cow indefinitely and the fans will eventually snap.
So, if you agree that it’s time to put the past behind and recall KP then sign this petition –

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