The new Spurs kit gets the seal of approval, but this stockroom find trumps it.

I recently blogged (in jest I should add) that no man over 30 should be buying a new football shirt. It’s a bit like Thatcher’s rule regarding public transport – 

If you’re still taking the bus at thirty you’ve failed in life”

All of which – in theory at least – rules me out of buying the new shirt, released this week. Witty Thunderbirds memes aside, it’s a belter. The first in a few years I can get excited about. Quite why they can’t put the sponsor in blue I’m not sure, but the sash adds a touch of retro styling to it.

On another note, Kane was central to its launch (promo above) which should imply that he’s staying next season – though as we’ve seen in the past if the price is right, Levy sells…

Can you imagine the number of furious fans walking around in Kane shirts next season if we sell him now? It’s almost tempting, if only to watch the fallout. Levy, you’ll be a goner.

Whilst the new kit’s undoubtedly a bit spesh. This is a real kit – found in its wrapper, gathering dust in a stockroom for 33 years. It’s a shame they only had one, but at £15 I’m not complaining. 

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