Kane in the U21s is right for England and right for the club…

I know that some fans will disagree with me, but the decision to draft Kane into the U-21s squad this summer is a master stroke. 

In recent weeks our boy has looked a little tired, likely the result of dragging his mostly mediocre colleagues in his wake this season and it could be argued that what he really needs is a summer off. 

However, there are several key benefits to his development that make this the right call for all concerned.

I’m sure Poch would have preferred him to take a complete break, and the club’s marketing team will be fuming that he’ll now be withdrawn from touring duties over most of the summer. Indeed, if you listen closely you can hear the sound of accountants feverishly clicking away at their calculators trying to work out how it’s gonna affect the bottom line…

For me though, we need to take a step back and lower expectations. He’s not the messiah, he’s a young lad with poor diction and a phenomenal right boot.

A goal on his debut and an assured performance away in Italy saw him make his mark on the senior stage, but it’s as clear as day we need to tread carefully with Kane. So too England.

A summer with the U21s will maintain the spotlight on him, but it also allows him to take a step back from the hype which follows the seniors.

It’s also worth noting that he will be joined in the Czech Republic by at least three other quality strikers – unlike at Spurs (where he literally carries our strike ‘force’).

Bamford, Ings and Berahino will all be in contention and each will benefit from the experience that this tournament will bring.

There are challenges and a very specific type of pressure with tournament football that a meaningless marketing parade in South East Asia can’t provide, but I can only see positives – despite concerns that his body needs a rest.

I believe in Kane in a way I haven’t in any young ‘wonder kid’ in years. He’s humble, he’s hard working and self effacing. When he says he wants to stay at Spurs for a long time it rings true.

The attention is a burden and whilst we can’t wrap him in cotton wool for the next 10 weeks, the opportunity to spend time with other young players in a competitive but less corporate environment will do him the world of good.

Spending the summer with the U-21s and Southgate will be hugely beneficial. It’s right for England, it’s right for the club.


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