Blatter’s departure will leave a stench that could take years to clear…

And so to today’s news that FIFA head honcho Sepp Blatter has stepped down from his post at the world’s leading money laundering organisation.

Few will shed a tear, other than those for whom the brown paper bags will now dry up (for the time being at least).

Let’s be clear. This man clung on for dear life. He wouldn’t be going anywhere today unless he absolutely had to.

This announcement is but the denouement.

Having shamelessly forced us all through last week’s farce of an election this was the move of a man who’s been given the nod to expect the old bill to knock on his door any moment now.

Fifa’s independent ethics committee says it will continue to look at any complaints made against Fifa despite Sepp Blatter’s intention to stand down.

Well that’s something I suppose.


Owen Gibson’s tweet has it about right though. Don’t kid yourself that this is the dawning of a brave new era…

Blatter will be frantically mobilising his pawns to ensure that his ‘legacy’ is protected from full disclosure. Don’t be surprised to find that his favoured deputy is already being lined up to take over.

Step up Valcke…

The king is dead, long live the king.


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